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Before you decide on purchasing rural real estate VIC companies sell, please understand an important aspect of real estate: property appraisal. The kind of appraiser you choose for your preferred property can make or break the deal, especially if you are financing through a bank or a financial institution.

Who is a property appraiser?

A property appraiser is a state-licensed expert who is knowledgeable and experienced in real estate market. The person must have undergone a coursework and internship that familiarizes him or her with the real estate market. While the process is different from property inspection, rural real estate VIC based appraisers can help you determine the value of your property before you can close the deal.

If you are a borrower from a bank or financial institution, it is advisable to work with an appraiser that your lender is familiar with to minimize decline or review of the process before the lender can accept the results. Besides,rural real estate VIC appraisers should be independent experts without any financial link to the parties involved in the transaction.

What is an appraisal report?

Especially when you are buying a residential property, you need a detailed appraisal report to get the market value of the property and other aspects before you can close the deal. Here are some of the major components of an appraisal report:

·         It shows details about the property under appraisal when compared to three similar properties

·         It evaluates the real estate market of the area in which the property exists

·         It states the issues that may affect the property such as poor access or the property under investigation

·         Details about present features such as cracked foundation

·         It shows an estimate of the average time the property can take to be sold

·         It shows the type of area in which the property exists

Methods used by appraisers

There are two main methods used to appraise rural real estate in VIC: sales comparison and cost approach.

In the sales comparison method, an appraiser provides an estimate of the market value of the property under appraisal in comparison to similar properties that have sold in the same area. The properties used in the comparison process are known as comparables. Since no two properties are the same, the appraiser compares the comparables to the property under appraisal and provides a paperwork adjustment in the comparables to make more in line with the one under appraisal. The resultant figure shows what each property would have sold if it had the same component as the one under appraisal.

In cost approach, appraisers for rural real estate in Victoria recommend it for new properties where the cost of the property is known. In that case, the appraiser provides an estimate of how much it would cost to replace the property in case it was destroyed.

In the end, property appraisal means a lot to the borrower and the lender. While the lender would like to put their investment in a secure environment, the borrower wants to invest in a property that provides value for money.

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