Occupational Health Assessments – What Benefits…

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Employee health assessments, from the pre-employment to the exit medical, help mitigate workplace risk by making sure that your employees’ health hasn’t been adversely affected by their job. Find out how respirator fit testing Melbourne occupational health examiners offer and other forms of medical evaluation safeguards your business and how they benefit the long-term welfare of your workforce.

Basically, these health assessments will:

  • Reduce insurance costs and worker claims
  • Improve employee loyalty and morale
  • Support an ageing workforce
  • Save your business money in the long run

What is an exit medical?

This type of assessment is arranged and paid for by the employers. It sets up a baseline for employees health as they leave and shields yourself from future insurance claims due to certain health issues. Concurrently, you get to send your employees off with an improved understanding of their current health situation and likely health risks they need to monitor.

If a health issue or injury is identified because of working in your company, it can be diagnosed and treated immediately, rather than both you and your employee learning about it later on when the condition has worsened.

Exit medicals may include:

  • General fitness tests
  • Hearing tests
  • Vision tests

On another note, a fit test Brisbane health examiners conduct will provide assessments tests for current health risks, general fitness, and future health risks.

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The benefits you get from conducting occupational health assessments

1. It reduces insurance costs and worker claims

By ensuring certain workers are leaving in a healthy state through exit medicals, you prevent any future risks of them slapping your business with an expensive suit that’s blaming their poor health on your company after they had left. Generally speaking, if your workers undergo pre-employment tests, ongoing medical assessments, and exit medicals, you will have clear records of your employees’ health over time. This establishes that your business has done everything to keep your employees’ health in check.

2. It increases employee loyalty and morale

Carrying out occupational health assessments lets your workers know that their health is so important to you whether they are staying with your company or not. As soon the workers feel they are valued, it improves their morale. Who would want to work for somebody who doesn’t appreciate them or show concern for their well-being?

3. It support ageing workers

Old employees have a higher risk of injury and illness. As your workers retire, exit medical check-ups will help you identify health concerns that have developed because of the work they’ve done for your company.

As for the employees, it will also let them catch health conditions, such as lung diseases, osteoporosis diabetes, and cataracts, early. This also means they can address such conditions as soon as possible.

All in all, occupational health assessments show that your company cares for your workforce and always looking to keep them healthy and happy.

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