Buying a Car | 7 Essential Tips to Get the Best Deal

Roger | May 13, 2020 | 0 | Automotive

Ford dealers Brisbane North Side companies publish “attractive” offers to their customers. But, are those offers the “best” offer for you?

That’s why you need to be sceptic, careful, and curious. Don’t let the sales talk woo you. You must be the one to decide based on your convictions.

Thus, here are some tips to help you find the best deal when buying a car:

Research first

Before going to Mitsubishi dealers, you need to first know about the car that you like. Choosing your preferred car can lessen talking time with sales personnel.

Look for invoice prices.

Ford dealers Brisbane North dealerships base the selling price of the car on the invoice price. If you see a Ford Focus model selling at $61,990, that can either be the list price or a marked-up selling price.

The list price is the manufacturer’s suggested selling price. You can accept a selling price that’s five per cent above the list price, but never above 10 per cent.

Check resale prices (if used car)

Used cars have a lower price compared to their brand new counterparts. But, some dealers overstate the price of used vehicles.

Beware of these dealers. Have a screenshot of average resale prices on your phone. Having a price reference with you can help you cross out expensive car offers.

Apply for a car loan

One of the “sweeteners” that dealers use is a financing option. However, dealership financing is a disadvantage because interest rates are higher than car loan rates.

It’s best to go to your credit union or bank and ask about car loans. Aside from that, you can check third-party lending institutions around your area.

Shop around

Before you buy, give yourself months of visiting Hyundai dealerships or Ford dealerships. This time for exploring can give you an idea about the average price of the car that you like.

Aside from price ideas, you’ll discover different financing options that different dealers provide.

Ignore the monthly payments

The common advertising technique of car dealers is a low monthly amortisation. That’s a trap! Never base your decision on the monthly payments.

Monthly payments are auxiliary only. It can help you decide, but it is never the decision point. Your ultimate decision point is the final selling price.

Negotiate always

Cutthroat Ford dealers overstate their first offer. That’s an unsung technique in the car dealing industry. They’ll exaggerate and work their way down.

As a buyer, your first offer will always be the lowest price. But, your negotiation must enable you to reach common ground. Aside from price, you should also negotiate the payment terms.

If you are availing the dealership financing option, negotiate the interest rate, down payment, and monthly amortisation.

If you choose the car loan, you’ll be having a tough time negotiating with the bank or credit union. Here’s a piece of advice. Show them evidence that you pay your debts on time. Who knows? They might grant you a low-interest loan.

Buying a car at Ford dealers Brisbane North Side dealerships entails a lot of negotiation and careful decision making. Deal with the experts at Scenic Motors and visit their site at to check their car inventory.

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