5 Important Things to Do in Maintaining Good Relationships with Your Dormmates

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Living in an Australian student accommodation is every college student’s first step to freedom. However, there are certain challenges that student dormers will face once they start living with other people.

Initially, having to live with strangers is not easy. You have to think about your safety and welfare while sharing a living space with people who you don’t know.

Here are some important things to do in order to have a healthy co-existing relationships with your dormmates.

1. Organise an icebreaker

Before everything else, there must be an icebreaker. For example, when you arrive at your student accommodation Toowong has for you, you just can’t go around and tell your roommates that they’re in charge of the daily chores—unless you want them to hate you. Fortunately, student residences already have some policies in place to allow you to know and build relationships with your roommates.

For example, a South Bank University student accommodation provider would organise a get-to-know-each-other meeting for first-timers. If they don’t have that kind of activity, you can still initiate one. See more at Student One

Here are some things you can try:

  • Explore the university premises with your roommates.
  • Go to the mall or the park.
  • Eat dinner with them.
  • Play games, like chess, Uno, or Monopoly.
  • Invite them to watch movies.

2. Talk about room responsibilities

Some student accommodation Central Brisbane has today already have housekeepers to clean the rooms. However, some student residences encourage their tenants to clean the dorm rooms themselves.

To keep your room tidy always, talk to your roommates about vacuuming schedules. At the minimum, vacuum the floor two to three times a week. Draft your schedule and paste it on the wall. Most importantly, limit cleaning to common spaces only, such as the dining area, kitchen, and living room. Every person in the room must be responsible for the cleanliness of their personal space (i.e. bed, study table, etc.).

3. Set Friday nights for fun activities

A five-day school week can be tiresome and draining. That’s why you should set Friday nights to relax and to keep your mind off from school stuff.

Try asking your roommates if they’d like to go out every Friday night. From time to time, you can visit clubs or night markets near your Australian student accommodation. It can be a good time to relax your overworked minds.

If you prefer to stay at your student apartment, you can binge-watch Netflix series all night. However, it’s good to have something in common with your roommates. Thus, you better choose the series that most, if not all, of you love.

4. Help each other

Do you need help with your British colonisation essay? You could ask some of your roommates if they have some insights that you could use. In return, you can also help them with their trigonometry or chemistry assignment.

This way, you can develop a bond with your roommates. Who knows? You may be in the same room with a top student.

5. Be a friend

Above all else, your relationship must not remain as “roommates”. They can be your friends too. In times of hardships, you’ll have some people to be with you.

Your Australian student accommodation living experience can be filled with meaningful things. That’s why you must spend your dorm life at Student One, the best student accommodation you’ll ever find in Brisbane. Visit https://studentone.com/ for more information.

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